IT Support

IT Support

University Network

Research staff can request a Campus Account and a workstation with IP address to connect to the University network. Clinical staff that need to search for literature can most simply use the computers at the libraries, or might request a Campus Account to access scientific literature.


Frequently asked questions

1. Internet, Email and WiFi

  • No internet connection available? Check the Proxy settings.
  • Help with setting up Email.
  • Read mails without University Workstation:
  • eduroam wifi access: please use as username
    • If eduroam fails on Mac devices: Go to Applications/Utilities/Keychain Access, search for eduroam and change Account to
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • For antivirus software see University Workstation Manual above.
  • IP Addresses that are not used for a period of 6 months are revoked, a new one has to be requested.

2. Website

To have your staff page created and set up, contact the IT support team and mention your Campus Account login name. You will be notified as soon as it is ready. See the separate Editor manual page for help concerning editing any of the pages on this website.

3. Printers and Scanner

See the separate Printers page.

4. Software Repository

Most available software can be found on the software server. Some proprietary software may be without a license which can be ordered from the IT support team by email. Connect to the software server as guest without password.


Windows \\\software
OSX/Linux smb://

Closer instructions can be found in the University Workstation Manual

5. Scientific Work

Access Host Address

Remote Desktop (Windows), rdesktop (Linux), ssh or PuTTY, sFTP with
Filezilla (port 22), Campus Storage also available

6. Anonymous Scientific Data Storage

  • Files and also anonymous scientific data can be put on Campus Storage. Request form and Campus Account is required to grant access.
  • Campus Storage Manual
  • You can attach Campus Storage using the command cstor, or remove it using cstore -drop
Windows \\\puk
OSX/Linux smb://
  • Mac OS X: Press cmd+K in finder and connect to the URL above. Use Campus Account as credentials. To place a link from your desktop to Campus Storage (CS) by making sure you are currently connected to CS, hitting cmd+, in Finder, select 'Connected servers' and then right-clicking on the desktop icon of CA and choosing 'Make Alias'. 
  • Dropbox can be requested for international collaborations using the same form.