Journal index

As of 18.08.2021.

Please note: The data source (Journal Citation Report) changes over time due to corrections made by Thomson Reuters. We are happy to receive information on changed data. They can be reported here.

It is uncertain whether the Journal Index will still be available for the year of 2021. If so, it will be available in the second half of August 2022.

Calculation of the ranking:

  • Journals are ranked by IF per subject area (highest IF = rank 1). The ranking per subject area is calculated as 1 - (rank -1) / (number of journals in the subject area).
  • If a journal covers several subject areas, its rank is calculated for each subject area. The Maximum Ranking contains the maximum value of all subject area ranks of the journal.

Note: Only journals with ISSN are included in the Journal Indexes up to and including 2019. Journals without ISSN or only with eISSN could not be included for technical reasons. The rankings of the JCR per subject area and the Journal Index are therefore only approximate. From 2020 onwards, the eISSNs will also be available during processing.