Young Academics

Within the faculty, we are committed to promoting young researchers.

Appointment and Habilitation Commission

Information about the Appointment and Habilitation Commission (in German)

Information on academic career (in German)

Postdoctoral researchers

Regulations on the Duties and Employment of Postdoctoral Researchers (Postdoc Regulations, in German)

Graduate Schools (PhD and MD-PhD)

You can find out more about the PhD and MD-PhD programs here

Mentoring 4 Women

More about Mentoring4Women can be found here (in German)

Faculty Membership Based on Excellence

The Medical Faculty has an interest in promoting excellence in research and teaching. We offer the opportunity to join the faculty to researchers conducting excellent research and/or teaching.

The application can be submitted annually, directed to the Strategy and Promotion Commission until April 30. The current call for applications is open until April 30, 2022. Membership begins on August 1 (fall semester).

Find all information and application forms here (in German)

Protected Research Time

With the announcement of grants for "Protected Research Time", the Medical Faculty supports the possibility to create clinical research time for young academics in the medical service sector. Find out more about it here

Further Career Information