Research Strategy

"Excellence in Research"

The Faculty of Medicine aims to expand its leading position in basic, translational and patient-oriented research, and to be one of the world's most renowned institutions in its focus areas.

Central to this aim is the promotion of research excellence at the medical site in Bern across 5 key axes:

Strengthening the "research culture" and opportunities in the clinical setting, for example, through mentoring, support and grants for "protected research time" ("good care comes from good science"), strict adherence to the DORA criteria, and promotion of scientific integrity and data sharing.

Excellent research should be supported, for example, through the early identification of talented young researchers, faculty membership based on excellence in research, and "protected research time".

Enhanced networking of basic, translational, clinical, and patient-oriented research, for example, through the formation of research clusters, promotion of collaborative research projects, and dual affiliations.

Supporting existing as well as motivating new bridging or cross-disciplinary thematic areas enables interdisciplinary and interprofessional collaboration in different research fields, thereby facilitating breakthroughs in research at the intersection of different disciplines.

The close physical and thematic links between the university clinics of the Inselspital, Bern University Hospital, University Psychiatric Services (UPD), School of Dental Medicine (ZMK), and pre-clinical institutes within the University of Bern faculties, Interfaculty Research Centers, technical universities of applied sciences, and innovation centers (including ARTORG and sitem-insel) should be strengthened and expanded.

Existing and New Thematic Focus Areas

The interplay between research clusters (red) and cross-discipline priorities (white):