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As circumscribed in the University of Bern’s University Law and statutes, the Medical Faculty aims to fulfill its mandate at the highest possible level of quality. It orients itself to binding principles but, in addition, creates the foundations to react flexibly and judiciously to quickly changing exigencies.
In the photo, you can see a part of the new hospital building shown as a model according to the scenario of the “Masterplan 2025”. The Clinics will be consolidated in centers, which are built close together. In consequence, the “Masterplan” shortens the walking distance for patients and staff, supports interdisciplinary cooperation and therefore saves money and time.

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Full professor for Oral Surgery and Stomatology

The Medical Faculty congratulates Prof. Dr. Vivianne Chappuis for her election as full professor for Oral Surgery and Stomatology by the Executive Board of the University. With Prof. Chappuis, who has been awarded along with her co-authors with the André Schroeder-Research Prize in April 2019 for her study “Osseointegration von ultrafeinkörnigem Titan mit einer hydrophilen nano-strukturierten Oberfläche: eine in-vivo Untersuchung an Minischweinen» the University of Bern has found a qualified successor of Prof. Daniel Buser.


Opening Hours of the Dean’s office during the summer

Until the end of August the Dean's Office is just open at morning from 9:00 – 11:00 am.

The letterbox is accessible on working days until 6:00 pm.


The Medical Faculty congratulates Prof. Raphael Sznitman

The Medical Faculty congratulates Prof. Raphael Sznitman. He has been elected by the Executive Board of the University as full professor for Biomedical Engineering and successor of Prof. Lutz Nolte, starting 1st July 2019. Simultaneously the leadership of the ARTORG Center for Biomedical Engineering Research transitions from Prof. Stefan Weber to Prof. Raphael Sznitman.



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