Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is the decision-making committee of the Medical Faculty and it takes the most important decisions. It consists of all ordinary and extraordinary professors, assistant professors with Tenure Track, representatives of the University clinics and the University Psychiatric Services (UPD) as well as delegates of standing committees, the teaching institutions BIHAM and IKIM and of the Association of Lecturers of the University of Bern (VDM). One delegate each from the assistants and students represent their specific interests.

Faculty Management

The faculty management is the management and coordination body of the faculty and supports the dean in implementation of all Faculty Council decisions. The composition is outlined in Art. 10 of the faculty regulations.


As chairperson of the faculty, the dean executes along with the faculty management and the Dean's Office the resolutions of the Faculty Council. She/he represents the interests of the faculty in dealings with the Board of the University and other faculties. In addition, she/he represents the faculty on committees of the University as well as on external ones.