Faculty of Medicine


Through research and teaching, the Faculty of Medicine promotes and disseminates scientific knowledge in medicine and its underlying principles. It educates students in human medicine and dentistry, and carries out tasks in the continuing education and training of physicians and dentists.

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is the highest body of the Faculty within the framework of its autonomous administration. It deals with issues that are important to the Faculty as a whole and is composed of about 160 members. The Faculty Council includes all full and associate professors, assistant professors with tenure track, representatives from the Inselspital and the Universitäre Psychiatrische Dienste UPD, as well as delegates of standing committees, the teaching institutions Institute of Primary Health Care (BIHAM) and Institute of Complementary and Integrative Medicine (IKIM) and of the Association of Lecturers of the University of Bern (VDM). Assistants and students each have one delegate who represents their interests.

The Faculty Council usually meets once a month on Wednesdays at 18:00. The room number is communicated with the invitation to the meeting.


The Dean chairs the Faculty Council and implements its decisions together with the Faculty Executive Board and the Dean's Office. The Dean represents the interests of the faculty in dealings with the Executive Board of the University of Bern and the other faculties.

Faculty Executive Board

The Faculty Executive Board is the leadership and coordinating body of the Faculty and supports the Dean in the implementation of faculty decisions.

The Faculty Executive Board generally meets every other Tuesday at 11:15. The room number is communicated with the invitation to the meeting.

Dean and Vice-Deans

Further members of the Faculty Executive Board